MaLo Designs

Our database team has over 15 years of experience in creating and maintaining databases.  In addition to creating custom databases we have an inventory of off the shelf databases that you can purchase to help manage your business.

Our databases are created with the end user in mind. The interfaces are user friendly, with color coded menu\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s for easy navigation.  Data entry is simplified by utilizing selection boxes and pre-formatted fields (i.e. dates, phone numbers, zip codes).  This speeds up the data entry process while ensuring data integrity by eliminating the possibility of misspellings in critical fields - errors that could affect the accuracy of your reports.

MaLo Designs Databases also have maintenance functions built in so that you can easily edit list boxes and create backups.

Some of our current databases:

Project Management Tracking Database is a critical tool for your team to manage deadlines and other important information related to the projects.  It will also allow you to see high level reports showing the status of the projects as well as the staff that are responsible for critical milestone.  Other features include:

  •     Tracking of individual projects – general project info, resources, milestones, and due dates
  •     Dashboard reports - showing current project status (critical, high, medium, low) and snapshot info
  •     Milestone reports - reports showing milestones that have been missed, milestones due in 7, 14, and 30 days
  •     Reports showing personnel responsible for each milestone, as well as for the overall project
  •     Reports showing lists of all current projects, as well as overall status and summary of each project
  •     Financial tracking and reporting for each project as well as summary information for multiple projects
  •     Menu driven interfaces

Donations and Fundraising Management System will allow you to manage fundraising events, send thank you letters to donors, and create reports comparing the success of different events.  Other features include:

  •     Tracking of donors information, as well as individual donations
  •     Ability to print “Thank you” letters and receipts for donations
  •     Tracking of earmarked donations
  •     Tracking of fund raising event attendees
  •     Reports showing attendees participating in event, as well as paid/not paid status
  •     Summary reports showing total amounts collected for each event
  •     Ability to print “Thank you” letters to event attendees
  •     Menu driven interfaces

Acequias Water Rights Management Database -  Managing the complex issues of your water association just got easier.  The Acequias Water Management System provides association managers/volunteers with an easy to use database product that tracks all of your membership information.

Whether you need a project tracking database, a customized Microsoft Access solution, or a web based mysql database MaLo can help efficiently manage your data.