MaLo Designs

MaLo Designs works with your team to develop customized websites that do exactly what you want and need them to do. Our website design and development process focuses on spotlighting our client’s unique services and products. Our talented, highly qualified staff works with you every step of the way! Your potential customers are visiting the internet to buy goods and services in a convenient, quick way. Your business needs a presence on the internet that tells potentials customers who you are and why they need to do business with you. MaLo Designs can create your Web presence from start to finish. We also provide you with low-cost Content Management Software (CMS). We train you on how to maintain your Website without having to rely on a professional. CMS saves you time and money. Other companies will charge you for each and every future edit to your site no matter how small. Why pay when you can update your own Website easily for FREE? We often overlook how powerful websites can be, they are capable of performing so many services and information for the site visitors and even more functions for the owner. Give your site some flare instantly by adding capabilities to your existing site with any of the following options

  • Database accessibility
  • Photo gallery
  • E-commerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • New business logo design or redesign Banner space for advertisers (help offset your marketing budget)
  • Flash animation The MaLo Designs team creates products that are fresh, stylish, and keep your image on the cutting edge of what your customers expect. 

Put our team to work for you.